Novia Research Seminar 24 Nov @15:00 – Lucinda Kraufvelin, Åbo Akademi, talks on marine heatwaves and warming experiments in Åland/Archipelago Sea link: @NoviaUAS @TheSea_AAU

Welcome to Novia Research Seminar Thursday 24 Nov @ 15:00 onsite Campus Raseborg in Nätverkslabbet B159 and online (link: Lucinda Kraufvelin from Åbo Akademi University will give an talk titled  “Impacts of marine heatwaves on the functioning of Baltic Sea coastal ecosystems“.

The seminar series is open to anyone, students, staff or colleagues interested in research and applied science. 

Shortly about the talk: Lucinda will present data from her temperature manipulation experiments in mesocosms in summer 2022, and shortly touch upon marine heatwaves in the Archipelago Sea / Åland Islands.

In pricture Lucinda Kraufvelin, Åbo Akademi University


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